Two very different people
Too scared to get along
Till two hearts beat together
Underneath one sun

One very special moment
Can turn a destiny
And what some would say
Could never change
Has changed for you and me

Cause it's all
It's all in the way
You look through your eyes
And when all is said and done
All of the fear and all of the lies are
Not hard to overcome
It's all in the way you look at it
That makes you strong
We were two (we were two)
Now we are one

We are two very different people
So much to overcome
So why care for one another
When there's so much to be done

Cause sometimes it's necessary
Just look how far we've come
You could say my friend that
It's the end
Or a new tale has begun

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One moment in time
is all the time we need
Just to make a difference
to make it better for you and for me
If you just believe

Oh yeah... Just open your eyes

[Back to Chorus]

Oh yeah
Oh yeah
We were two
Now we are one...

Westlife - We Are One

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